online dating tips for women

3 CRITICAL Online Dating Tips For Women

online dating tips for women

3 CRITICAL Online Dating Tips For Women

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I just ran the numbers and discovered that a few simple tweaks to your online profile can increase the response rate by over 1,200%.

But not messages from just ANY guy — 12 times more “attractively good” messages. This means that the messages were respectful and well thought out, AND the men who sent them were also attractive (according to my clients).

I knew it was good, but I didn’t realize it was THAT good!

Anyway — in light of this, I’ve decided to hold a FREE TRAINING on how to transform your online dating well as how to successfully pursue the right guys online (without looking desperate).


1. Are currently online dating and are NOT meeting the quality guys you want
2. Are single and have never used online dating
3. Are not using online dating because you don’t think it works (just a few tweaks and we’ll make that profile stand out like no other)

Speaking of that, I’ve helped hundreds of clients over the past 5 years go from ZERO quality dates online to meeting incredible guys any night of the week.

...No charge and you can register here.

In this training, I’ll talk about how to inject little nuggets in your profile that make him want to message you, how to get more visitors to your profile, how to message a guy while being the challenge he truly wants, and more.

Oh — I’ll also show you a few case studies about how women like you have used online dating to quickly meet men any night of the week. You’ll learn what to do and also what NOT to do.

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